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Face cosmetics

Sienna Lifting Serum Cream
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Quickly removes wrinkles Restores youthful complexion Returns elasticity Gives softness Sienna lifting serum visibly smoothes the skin from the first application. No mask effect and immobilization of facial expressions. Sienna intensely moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes. Thanks to the...
Group: Serum for face
  • 1100 RUB/pcs  - from 10 pcs
Minimum order cost: 11 000.00 RUB
Laminarial mask Extra youth for face and neck with sea urchin caviar (7 sachets, 6 g each)
In stock 
Anti - aging beauty mix 4 in 1: Rejuvenation Moisturizing Cleansing Nutrition A unique product of Far Eastern scientists based on the amazing properties of the inhabitants of the deep sea Laminarial mask has a high content of alginic acid and is a concentrate of vitamins and microelements that...
Group: Masks for face
524 RUB
Anti-wrinkle cream based on peptides and nucleotides (night) Sienna
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Strengthens the contours of the face and collagen fibers Improves blood circulation and normalizes skin cell nutrition Improves complexion Reduces spider veins and spiders Humanity at all times has tried to unravel the code of eternal youth. modern biochemists, molecular biologists, and...
Group: Face cream
  • 490 RUB/pcs  - from 10 pcs
Minimum order cost: 4 900.00 RUB
Anti-wrinkle cream with trepang extract (day) Sienna
In stock 
Allows you to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin in the shortest possible time Stimulates cell renewal processes Intensively moisturizes the skin, gives it a healthy and attractive appearance Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands Helps maintain skin firmness and smoothness Stimulates...
Group: Face cream
440 RUB


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